Avi Rikan, the Maccabi Tel Aviv midfielder looked back at their 2:1 win over Sparta Rotterdam as well the training camp. He also spoke about Saturday’s Champions Cup match against Bnei Yehuda:

“This was our third game this week and it has allowed us to get into shape. In a few days the real thing begins and we want to be prepared.”

“We’ve worked very hard and in the past seasons we held just one training camp but this season we had two. We spent a lot of time together and this is our second season with the professional staff, so we are familiar with each other. You’ll see that next week we will be in even better shape when it’s money time which begins now.”

Champions Cup on Saturday:
“Saturday night we will battle for the season’s first title and a club like Maccabi Tel Aviv wants to win every title that is available. This match is important and we’ve worked hard. We’ll rest up when we get back home and go into the game focused and ready to go.”