You know that old coat that’s been sitting in your closet for years? Or the sweater that hasn’t seen the light of day for ages? Now it’s time to give away the old and donate to a worthwhile cause.

After the huge success in the past three seasons, the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Foundation will be holding “Wrapping Up Warm 2020” to support the community in cooperation with the “Pitchon Lev” charity.

How do you donate?

At the upcoming home game against Ashdod SC at Bloomfield on Jan. 25 a truck from the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Foundation and “Pitchon Lev” will be waiting next to the club’s official merchandising trailer, near gates 7 and 8, where you can bring the clothes you want to donate.

By giving, you will have performed a good deed and helped the needy and as a token of our appreciation, one of our representatives will reward you with a small gift.

In the past three seasons, the campaign has seen great success, as over 5,000 winter clothing items have been collected. Fans have displayed their generosity and willingness to support the community when help is most needed.