Dear Supporters,

We would like to thank you for an unforgettable season where you played an integral part of this championship victory. The strength you displayed in the stands, at Bloomfield and in every stadium across the country pushing the players to win the 25th league title in the Club’s history.

Regrettably, after Israeli football returned to action in December and in view of the security situation as well as the Home Front Command decisions, matches gradually staged with fans a fact which prevented all season ticket holders from attending all the matches.

As a result, the Club has made the following reimbursement options for 2023/24 season ticket holders:

  • Receiving a proportional reimbursement in full of the match tickets which couldn’t have been used.
  • Donating the proportional amount from the matches to the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Foundation in order to support the Southern communities nearest to Gaza that were severely affected by the events on October 7th.

    The donations are set for:

  1. Construct a sports field or a youth club
  2. Zaka Organization
  3. Purchase of an Ambulance
  4. Sponsoring a unit in the Army and supporting their facilities
  • Receiving 50% of the proportional amount as a reimbursement and donating 50% to the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Foundation in order to support the Southern communities.
  • A reimbursement of the proportionate amount from the matches each season ticket holder was unable to use, that will go towards the price of the 2024/25 season ticket.

The reimbursement procedure will begin on Thursday June 6th and close on Tuesday August 6th. Season Ticket holders (for the 2023/24 season) should receive a message with their personal reimbursement fee – a calculation of the season ticket price and the number of matches they were not entitled to receive a ticket for.

To chose one of the reimbursement options click here

For questions and queries please Email: