Other than the coaches on the pitch, The Maccabi Tel Aviv “Avi Cohen” Football Club Academy has a number of other important people in management and administration. Each section of the Academy has individuals whose roles are to keep in contact with other clubs as well as helping out the coaches with their various tasks

Guy Zukerman

Guy Zukerman is the Youth Department Manager. For the past 25 years, Zukerman has worked in a number of Youth Departments and has also been a physical education teacher. He holds a degree in education along with professional coaching license.

Zukerman has been with Maccabi for two seasons and began as the Club’s Branch Department Manager with the responsibility of maintaining and opening branches throughout the country. After half a year, Zukerman was promoted to the position of Youth Department Manager and was in charge of the Youth Club’s UEFA Champions League campaign.

Nissim Sidi

Nissim Sidi is the Maccabi Youth Department’s liaison with the Israel Football Association a position that entails registering clubs and players with the IFA to be eligible to participate in their respective leagues, along with bus timetables, expenses as well as arranging for referees to officiate home matches.

Sidi has been with Maccabi since 1983 and began volunteering as the Youth Department’s treasurer. Over the years he moved into administration and managing the Youth Department.

Limor Ben Aharon

Limor is the Youth Department secretary and has worked with the Club for the past seven seasons. Prior to taking charge of her current role which includes the registration of players for the Academy and Football Schools, Ben Aharon was the secretary of the Football School and Football School Branches. She has also been working in the sports industry for her entire career as a fitness trainer for combat soldiers, fitness coach for youth clubs and as a swimming instructor.