At a press conference captain Sheran Yeini reacted to questions about Maccabi Tel Aviv's ability to deal with the bigger clubs on the road: "We'll be ready"

Yesterday afternoon Maccabi Tel Aviv held a press conference in advance of the match against champions Ironi Kiryat Shmona. Head coach Oscar Garcia arrived with captain Sheran Yeini and had this to say about the importance of the upcoming fixture: "For me every game is important, each one is worth three points. Maybe a match with Hapoel Tel Aviv is worth a little more than three points but the rest are all equally important. I just hope the pitch will be in good enough shape to play because we're expecting a lot of fans to make the trip up north. But both sides will be playing in the same weather. I think it would be a mistake to think too much about the result of Hapoel Tel Aviv's match, we have to concentrate on ourselves."

Maccabi skipper Sheran Yeini reacted to claims that Maccabi Tel Aviv have a problem beating the "big" clubs: "I don't get what all the talk is about. We beat Maccabi Haifa in round one, we beat the champions Kiryat Shoma and also M.S. Ashdod who are close to us in the table. The issue isn't psychology – we go into every match with a view to winning and it makes no difference if the club is sitting at the top of the table or holding it up. Every match is important to us. That should be perfectly clear before every game we play."

Yeini added: "I don't believe so much in statistics concerning away matches. Being on the road doesn't make us feel uncomfortable. Of course it's more fun to play at home. Kiryat Shmona are a good side. We know it's going to be a very tough match and the weather is going to make it that much more difficult but we'll be ready for it. We're all 100% behind Barak. This isn't his first match, he's played before and he's got character. He's a fighter and he'll prove it."