Midfielder Hasan Abu Zaid, who on Saturday will face the team of his youth, Bnei Yehuda, opens up his heart in his first interview: "If it hadn't been for football, I would have had no future at all"

For Maccabi Tel Aviv's young midfielder  Hasan Abu Zaid, playing football was not something to be taken for granted. After coming through a difficult childhood and the youth system at Bnei Yehuda, he has now made a place for himself on the senior squad at Maccabi Tel Aviv. "I remember coming back from a training session with Bnei Yehuda and hearing that my brother had been killed by another family in my hometown, Lod. It was at that point that the whole mess began, with everyone wanting to restore the family's honour". Last October he got a call from Maccabi Tel Aviv sports director Jordi Cruyff and the opportunity to realise his dream of wearing the yellow jersey: "I was shaking all over, I felt like I was sitting on top of the world. At that moment there was no-one in the world as happy as me". Have a look at the whole interview.