From the atmosphere at Bloomfield Stadium, to the goals by Eran Zahavi and Dor Micha, and all the way to the exuberant celebrations at the end of the match, watch the video and relive the best moments of the 2-0 Maccabi win at Saturday's Tel Aviv derby against Hapoel

The half-time celebrations at Saturday's Tel Aviv derby – the dancing and Omer Adam's song – were only a small taste of what was to come after the referee finally put the game to rest. After long minutes of fans chanting "oleh" at every Maccabi Tel Aviv pass towards the end of the match, the final whistle was the starting signal for the real celebrations to begin. Tel Aviv goes Yellow again. Finally.  After years of disappointing results in general, and in the Tel Aviv derby in particular, the over 12,000 jubilant Maccabi fans at Bloomfield Stadium were simply beside themselves with joy. And this is by no means the end of the story. But here, courtesy of the official Maccabi Tel Aviv website, at least a summary of the 90 minutes that gave rise to the real celebrations that followed the match.