What's blue and white and yellow all over? Israel's campaign for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is officially over, time to draw some conclusions from a Maccabi Tel Aviv point of view

Now that the referee's whistle has blown an end to Israel's last match in the qualifying rounds of the 2014 World Cup, the time has come for Maccabi Tel Aviv's official website to have a look back at their campaign to reach the finals in Brazil.

Nine Maccabi Tel Aviv players were part of the Israel international squad, a record that stands out in particular in light of the last decade. If we add to those nine Stade de Reims striker Eliran Atar, who was still a Maccabi player for most of the campaign, it would be quite conceivable to put together a starting eleven composed of MTA players alone. Midfielder Eran Zehavi, defender Omri Ben Harush and striker Tal Ben Haim all returned to international duty shortly after joining Maccabi, striker Barak Itzhaki after returning from a season on loan. Midfielder Mahran Radi and defender Sheran Yeini both received their maiden call-ups. Yeini played first against Portugal but was on the pitch every minute of the last six of Israel's qualifying matches. Radi already entered the fray in the second group match against Russia and later scored against Luxenbourg. Eran Zehavi was the other Maccabi player to score during the campaign, netting the equaliser against Russia in Saint Petersburg before Israel ultimately let the match slip away at 3-1.

The match that saw the most Maccabi Tel Aviv players named for the squad was Israel's away tie against Portugal in the capital Lisbon.  Six of them actually played, while Itzhaki and defender Gal Alberman sat the match out on the substitute's bench. Defender Eytan Tibi booked a total of 720 hours with Israel, playing the full 90 minutes in eight of Israel's ten qualifying matches, missing only the away tie against Russia and the home tie against Luxembourg, where the Maccabi presence, at three players, was at its lowest during the campaign.

So whilst the results of the Israeli national side's campaign may not be all that encouraging, Maccabi Tel Aviv can most certainly take heart from the exceptional presence of their fine players in the effort. For purposes of comparison, in Israel's last international campaign only three Maccabi Tel Aviv players graced the national side.

So what are our wishes for the next international campaign? That Maccabi Tel Aviv will continue to be the major contributor of national talent, and if qualifying is also thrown into the package, well, that would be simply perfect.