In life it doesn’t matter what you do, but you always remember what happens in the end. We’re now heading into the final stretch of the season with ten crucial matches in front of us. We’re entering the playoffs neck-and-neck with Beer Sheva and we have the qualities to make this a terrific battle. Maccabi Tel Aviv can win ten matches in a row and we will give it our all to make it happen.

You saw how hungry we were against Hapoel Kfar Saba as the players understood the importance to put the pedal to the metal during this critical period of the year. Even when we weren’t playing that well, we made sure to collect points, but now the thinking has changed. We are coming into each and every match with all of our strength and all of our might to make sure we achieve our goals: To win the League Championship and the State Cup.

Losing points at Bloomfield is uncharacteristic for us, but the home and away stats are meaningless if you bring the title home at the end of the day. However, we have lost points at Bloomfield already this season and we can’t let that happen again.

Three months ago I gave an interview to the Official Website about longing for a דסהChampionship. You can’t compare what the situation was then and what it is now as the intensity has picked up and I’m hungrier than ever to win the title. I have even more motivation and my adrenaline is pumping faster than ever to make sure I give it my all with every touch, sprint, battle and whatever else it takes to make sure we earn maximum points. I can’t tell you how much I’m thirsting for that championship. There are two titles that we are in competition for and I can promise you the fans that I’ll give it my all to bring them home and make them Yellow-and-Blue once more.

I have one request from you, our faithful supporters who have been absolutely incredible each and every match both at home and on the road. Now is the time for you to put it into high gear as well, so that together we can all make sure that on May 21st we win the Championship and on the 24th of May we lift the State Cup.

See you at Bloomfield this coming Saturday!

Yalla Maccabi!