Dor Micha scored the first goal of the match and was active throughout the contest helping the Yellow-and-Blue finally defeat Beitar Jerusalem, a team that they had yet to beat during the 2015/16 campaign. Number 15 also assisted on Captain Eran Zahavi’s goal tying him with Nisim Elmaliah for the single season goal scoring record which he would break later on in the match:

“We had so many chances and we had such a good game it would have been a pity not to win, we wanted to get back to first place after such a long time. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you want but thank goodness we have Eran Zahavi who came through at exactly the right time.”

The match itself:

“Today, unlike the other two matches against Beitar, we played much better than they did. It could’ve ended with 4 or 5 goals for us, but we were a bit unlucky. I’m happy that it ended well.”

On the confidence shown by Coach Peter Bosz:

“I’m happy to get credit from Peter and it’s great to hear nice things. I want to give back the best I can for his confidence in me and I always play at 100%. Some coaches like certain players better than others and I’m happy that I did play under the last coach and that I finished on a good note. But I’m happy that a new coach came in that really appreciates me and understands what I can gove back to the club.”

About Eran Zahavi:

“The last few weeks I haven’t had any luck assisting on his goals, but I’m happy that today I was able to help him out. I don’t want to take any credit as he always knows when and how to come up big.”

Money time of the campaign:

“Over the past few years this team has been able to give even more during money time. Each season when we hit playoff time we’ve raised the level of our game and you can see that we’ve done it once again this year. But we have to keep it going right until the end.”

On passing the ball to Zahavi:332A1546

“Finding Eran is much easier because he never stops running and trying to get into position to score. He goes into dangerous areas and areas where he knows exactly how to get the ball. When you have a player like that on your side it’s much easier to get him the ball.”

Changing coaches midseason:

“When you change a coach mid season it’s never easy to adapt to an agenda and a style. However, we’ve been able to really do what he wants us to over the last month and a half and we’ve been playing much better football.”

Moving into first place:

“We deserve to be where we are today and we are really playing well right now, although nothing is over just yet and there are six more matches. After the Derby draw we got together and we spoke about the fact that we will have to win the rest of our matches in order to win the championship as we were five points behind first place then. We are concentrating on our own play and other than the draw in Beer Sheva we’ve been hitting our goals.”