Eitan Tibi, one of the Yellow-and-Blue central defenders shared his thoughts about his club’s 0:0 goalless draw. After three straight matches without a goal, Tibi discussed the Matchday 33 Championship Playoffs match and the issue that surrounded the club over the last little while:

“We come into every game looking to win and it’s unfortunate that we didn’t win the last three matches. The story is far from over, I believe that we still have a long fight right until the end. We will have to win every match and also count on Beer Sheva’s results.”

Defensive success but issues scoring:

“Sometimes there are days that the offense just doesn’t click and right now we are having a problem scoring.”


“I think the first 30 minutes we didn’t play as well as could and control the match. But after that we were able to dictate the pace of the game. We have to be ready to play any type of formation and we changed it up a bit where we started to create more chances. However we just weren’t able to score.”

Chance to win the title:

“Let’s wait until the end of the year and see what will be. We aren’t crowning anyone Chamions and we aren’t eulogizing anyone just yet.”

The Rajikovic situation being removed only 2 hours prior to kick off:

“As footballers we have to be ready for any type of situation and we came into the match with the goal of winning the game. Unfortunately it just didn’t happen.”

Lack of scoring:

“Eran has had an incredible year and his statistics speak for themselves. It’s too bad over the last three matches both Eran and every other player haven’t been able to score.”

I wining the title:

“It may be a sporting disaster but it’s not a natural disaster and I believe that the fight still isn’t over.”