One of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s newest players is Ofir Davidzada who came to the Yellow & Blue on loan from the Belgium club Gent. Of course the left back is familiar with the Israeli league having played with Hapoel Beer Sheva in the past and having also featured on the Israel National Team. But now Davidzada is up for a new challenge arriving at Kiryat Shalom just last week. Let’s find out who helped him choose his new number:

“I consulted with my Rabbi who I have been learning with for a number of years as to which number I should take and he said either 12 or 27. I couldn’t take 12 because that was Meni Levi’s number, so I took 27.”

Ups & downs:
“I was at my peak playing for the National Team and with my domestic club. I felt really good about myself. But all of a sudden I fell all the way down from being so high up, it’s not easy. But I took it the right way and I knew it was only going to be for a short period of time. With hard work and the right results everything would be ok and that’s what happened. I’m really happy to begin a new part of my career and I learnt a lot from what I went through. It made me stronger and I learnt a lot about myself. From a mental point of view I became a different person, more mature and one who now knew how to make sure not to get into the same situation that I had been in.”

Coming to Maccabi on loan for the upcoming season:
“My goal is to give everything that I can on the pitch and to prove to Jordi and to everyone else that I belong here for the next few years. There’s no question that this is the most important season of my career and I’m not afraid to say that. I will work very hard and do everything that I can to prove that I should be here for a number of seasons. This will give me plenty of drive to do what I need to on the pitch.”

Playing with top notch defenders:
“To be able to play with defenders of the highest level gives one a lot of confidence and the feeling that I can help on the attack and not worry since there will someone in the back that can be counted on. Our defense will be very strong this season.”

Taking advantage of his time with Beer Sheva:
“I played for Beer Sheva for a number of seasons so I really know the players and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I’m sure that will help and whatever tips I can give to my teammates I will.”

Toughest Maccabi player to defend:
“The matches that we played were really the “Match of the Season” and I always found it tough to play against Dor Micha because he’s a very smart player and always knew where to stand and find the open spaces. You don’t know if he’s going to stay or go, so it was very difficult, but now that he’s my teammate it will be a lot of fun.”

Expectations with Maccabi Tel Aviv:
“A club like Maccabi Tel Aviv has to win titles and has a very rich history. The expectations are always the same, to battle for all of the titles and to make sure that we win them, because that is why we ultimately play and that is what this club is built on. I hope that we will do just that this season.”

Goals for the new campaign:
“The Club’s first goal is to bring home the league championship which is what is most important and we will work very hard to reach that goal. I’m ready for the challenge. This is a club of winners. Finish in first place, win titles and that’s what the goals of this club is supposed to be.”