The Yellow & Blue Captain Sheran Yeini along with midfielder Dor Micha presented the new Maccabi Tel Aviv Kit produced by the Club. Both said that the new shirts were comfortable and even more comfortable than in the past. They also looked ahead to the upcoming season:

Sheran Yeini discussed getting back to training:
“The break went by quickly and I wish that there were a couple of more days to spend with the family. But we are professionals and we will get ready to go.”

Getting the squad together for the upcoming campaign:
“Maccabi Tel Aviv is a Club that knows how to handle various situations and we are aware of certain things but are unable to comment on them. We hope that in a few days there will be news of signings and of course over the past few years we’ve signed players once the season has begun. I‘m sure we’ll have a good club this coming season.”

Competing each and every season:
“We can’t guarantee that we will win a title every season but we will always give it our all and compete each and every campaign.”

The coaching situation:
“Maccabi Tel Aviv has always changed coaches and I don’t remember one that has managed me who has continued more than one year. Some have advanced and that is good for them and good for the Club as it brings in income and at the end of the day you want to be profitable selling players and coaches. Some coaches did not perform well and the Club made a change. Players would prefer that a coach stay as along as possible but in our profession there are always players and coaches who are coming and going. There are pros and cons to everything and that is how it is in other clubs as well and not just at Maccabi Tel Aviv.”

Preparing for the new season:
“We’re not trying to say that we are in an ideal situation with preparations for the first match. I don’t want to hide anything. There are National Team players that need a break after their last match and they need some down time and a mental break as it has been a long season. I personally had a very long season and it took me some time to feel like I was on vacation after the State Cup loss and now we are beginning training once again. So they need time for themselves now and we will do our best without them as we begin the preseason.”

Dor Micha also commented:
“Just as Sheran said, we’ve been in this situation before and at the end of the day everything will be fine. I hope that this will be the case once again.”

Working quietly:
“The Club has gotten us used to things happening quietly and that is what is occurring this year as well.”

Europa League qualifying:
“We were in the same situation last season and we arrived at the first qualifying round in as best shape as possible. I’m sure there will be developments over the next few days and that we will be in good shape.”