The Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club Foundation and Etgarim non-profit organization are delighted to announce their partnership to promote public awareness of sports for people with disabilities through the mobilization of the Maccabi Tel Aviv family. As part of the cooperation, the club – the players, professional staff and employees – will extensively take part in Etgarim activities, which have proven to be an effective tool for personal empowerment and social integration.

Ben Mansford, Maccabi Tel Aviv FC CEO, said: “Partnering with Etgarim is a great honor and representative of our ambition as a club. Maccabi has the privilege to help people with disabilities from across the country and give them the opportunity to change their lives through challenge sports. Everyone connected to the club can help provide them with hope as they integrate productively into society as their determination and courage will hearten us all. We call on all Maccabi Tel Aviv fans to come together and contribute to the best of their abilities towards this partnership.”

Josh Halickman, Head of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club Foundation praised the collaboration: “Etgarim means “challenges” in Hebrew and aligns itself perfectly with one of the Foundation’s main goals-the promotion of social activities and encouraging our fans to join our efforts. We’re thrilled to raise public awareness about the wonderful programs that Etgarim does which helps ensure that this segment of the population has the opportunity to be recognized for their special abilities and talents through sports.”

Etgarim CEO Avner Balkany said: “It is a great honor for us to be partners with the oldest, largest and the most decorated football club in Israel. Beyond Maccabi’s achievements on the pitch, what separates them from others is their involvement and their efforts in the community as they help society as a whole. I’m certain that this partnership will warm the hearts of our members, who break down barriers every day and prove that nothing will stand in their way.”

Maccabi players will visit and take part in Etgarim’s various activities including: cycling, running, sailing, kayaking, climbing and more. Representatives from the club will also take part in the organization’s events, the first of which is the annual “Wheels of Hope” event, which has been held for 16 years in the Jezreel Valley, attended by thousands of cyclists and families.

Beginning with the upcoming league match against Hapoel Raanana, an Etgarim member will be awarded the Maccabi Foundation Medallion of Honor by one of Maccabi Tel Aviv players at every home game. In addition, there will be inspirational lectures and presentations by the Etgarim members given to the players on the First Team as well as the Youth Department clubs.

Details about how to take part in the programs will be posted on the Club’s Official Media platforms.

About Etgarim:
Etgarim, has been active for over 20 years and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment and social integration and rehabilitation of people with disabilities through sports. Activities include: Scuba diving, running, walking and hiking, cycling, sailing, rock climbing and abseiling, canoeing, water skiing and more. Over the years, the organization has nurtured the belief in the ability of its members to break boundaries, overcome obstacles, realize and lead themselves to a life full of hope and satisfaction and thereby change the reality of their lives. Today over 5,000 youth and 1,000 adults take part in Etgarim programs.

About Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club Foundation:
The Foundation’s mission is to help make an impact on the larger Israeli society using the positive energy of football to affect the lives of those in our community. With the largest fan base in the country, our vision is to make each and every supporter an active player and ambassador of the Foundation, thereby increasing our impact across the nation.