Eylon Almog scored a brace in the championship game, a 5:1 win over Bnei Yehuda on Matchday 29 of the Israel Youth Premier League and summed up the season as a whole:

“It’s a great feeling and I’m so happy for myself and the whole team. We had a fantastic season although we didn’t begin so well. Slowly but surely we improved and we were together during the tough times as we dealt with the difficulties. I’m happy we were able to take the championship.”

The brace scored in the championship match:
“It’s not just these two goals but the ones that I scored throughout the season. Today was the cherry on top of the whipped cream and I enjoyed it very much. We will have quite the celebration at our last match next week.”

Working hard with his teammates:
“They are each amazing and everyone worked so hard during training including the ones that sometimes got called up to the first team and came back. I think we did a great job altogether and I want to acknowledge everyone on the team.”

About Guy Tzarfati:
“Guy Tzarfati is a role model and was a great player. He was always here for us and not just on the pitch, but phone calls and messages. He cared about each one of us as well as the rest of the staff, I have no words.”

Next week’s celebrations:
“We will get together and celebrate properly next week when each one of us gets a championship plate.”