Jair Amador, Maccabi Tel Aviv’s newest defender took the time to give his first interview to the Club’s Official Website. He spoke about his style of play, what he brings to the Yellow & Blue and concludes with a message to the fans:

“My natural position is central left defender and that’s where I am most comfortable and play my best. I’m familiar with Maccabi as I’ve watched them on TV and from the media as well as from their European appearances. If they are playing in Europe then they must be doing the correct things to get there.”

Style of play:
“I’m a strong and physical player and I believe I’ll be able to make a contribution to the team on the defensive side. I also like to handle the ball and move it forward through the middle of the pitch. The strongest part of my game is to help the team from the back. At the end of the day, I’m a defensive player. I move up on the attack for set pieces with the objective of scoring goals. Last season I scored four. So any time I have a chance to go on the offensive to score a goal I will.”

Last season:
“On a personal level, this past season was a dream campaign for me and I was selected for the league’s Top XI. That proves that I did things well and I’m really happy about that. I can’t wait to meet the team, to have a good season and continue to develop as a footballer.”

Message to the fans:
“I want to bring joy and happiness to the fans and be able to win the league championship as we are Maccabi Tel Aviv. We are a club with a rich history and tradition who always battles for the title. I hope you’re excited about my arrival just as I am. YALLA MACCABI!”