A Footballers career is generally short and it’s important to plan ahead for the day after and that’s exactly what the goal of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s new project “Thinking about Tomorrow”.

The project enables the club’s players information about options concerning various fields and ventures to enter into in the world outside of the field of play. Throughout the year, the players will participate in a series of lectures and presentations about various topics and subjects.

Today, Tuesday, Dor Peretz, Ofir Davidzada, Itay Shechter, Shahar Piven, Eliran Atar, Avi Rikan and Eyal Golasa arrived at the offices of one of the club’s sponsors the B.S.R. Group. The players listened intently to Nachshon Kivity, the Chairman and Owner of the B.S.R. Group one of the leading real estate companies in Israel who relayed information related to the field in which he specializes.

Avi Rikan spoke about the project’s importance:
“It’s a privilege for us to come and here from the head of the B.S.R. Group, a company who has proven to be a leader in their field for last number of years as we are always trying to strengthen the connection with those who are on our kits and our shorts. This will also help us understand what type of options we have once our playing careers are over, a career that is very short. It’s fun and exciting to be able to visit and hear the tips and ideas that we may be able to do later on.”

About the season to date:
“Every week we say that we are dependent on ourselves. We go into every match with the feeling that if we do what we need to then we will always be dependent on our own play. But we also have to prepare for the opponents properly and we must be ready to go against Kiryat Shemona. We have a tough match at a tough stadium. We are preparing properly for a tough battle.”

Fighting for a spot in the lineup:
“There are always changes, sometimes more and sometimes less. I started and scored against Hapoel Haifa and the next week I was on the bench. It’s a challenge for everyone as we all train very hard to prove that we are worthy of a place. But we all know that we need each other until the end of the season. It’s a long campaign and the State Cup is coming up so everyone needs to be ready. The fact that we have to fight for a place in the squad is good for the club. We will do this until the end of the season.”

The State Cup match against Beitar Jerusalem:
“Since we are discussing a Cup match that will only be played near the end of next month that means it’s a competition that we will have to focus on big clubs and good teams. We will have to deal with a match like this earlier than later. But the most important match for us right now is Sunday’s as we want to go out on break with the points and a good feeling as well.”