Can orders be combined for shipping purposes?
No. A new order will be sent to the warehouse and can’t be combined with other outstanding orders for shipping purposes.

Can orders be made via telephone?
No. Orders can only be made via the Online Shop.

Can a name and number be printed on a 2017/18 jersey?

Can a Jersey with a printed name and number be returned or exchanged?
No, according to the Consumer Protection Law personalized items can not be returned or exchanged.

Are sales the same both at the Online Shop and the stores at Kiryat Shalom and Cinema City Rishon Le’Zion?
No. The stores at Kiryat Shalom and Cinema City Rishon Le’Zion have a sale of 20% on the entire store.

Are certain items available at the stores?
No, the store stock is sold at a quick pace and it can’t be guaranteed that an item will be available upon your arrival at the stores.

When will shipping take place?
As per the Yellow Friday guidelines, shipping of products will arrive at your home or the Club Store within 21 business days and most will be delivered in less time throughout Israel.

What is my preferred size?
Check the size table

How will I know that my order has arrived at the store?
An SMS and an email will be sent to the one registered with the club.

Why isn’t my valid coupon being accepted when I place an order?
Discounts can’t be combined on Yellow Friday.

Will an out of stock product come back into stock?
An out of stock product won’t come back into stock as the items are at the warehouse or in the stores.

Will product prices change?
That can’t be guaranteed as prices may change during the sale.

Can you reserve an item for purchase later?
No. The stock is controlled automatically and is reduced once an item is purchased.

Where can the orders be picked up prior to the match against Ashdod on December 4?
All of the pickup information will be sent via text message ahead of the match. Please note that during the sale, the option to pick up an order at the match will close.

Will there be any other pickup locations other than Kiryat Shalom?
No. Kiryat Shalom will be the only option for order pickup.