The Israel Football Association is hosting a UEFA Seminar with five representatives from Latvia, Hungary, Greece, Faroe Islands and Poland in attendance who have come to take in a continuing education program that was organized by the IFA. The key component of the program deals with the development of elite players. Over the course of the week the group has taken in training sessions of various youth age groups at the IFA headquarters. Each representative presented examples from their country as to how they develop the elite players. The last stop for the group was the PenguinPickUp Training Ground at Kiryat Shalom where they observed how the development works at the club level where the group took in a training session of the Academy’s elite players. They were able to see how specific elements were used to develop the young players.

The Performance Director Patrick Van Leeuwen who gave a presentation about the methods of developing elite players summed up the experience: “It’s always great to work together with the IFA when they have guests from aboard as we can present them our club’s philosophy, especially when it comes to the development of the elite players at Maccabi Tel Aviv. In fact, this year we began a special program that deals specifically with the development of the club’s elite players. It was great to be able to share how our football development works.”