Sheran Yeini, the Maccabi Tel Aviv Captain looked back at his side’s 0:0 draw against Bnei Sakhnin and advancing to the State Cup semifinals:

“At Maccabi every match is a chance to prove oneself. We want to play well and win and that’s the great thing about the coach and the staff who always demand that we work hard and give our all. So we have to always give our utmost.”

About Schoenfeld, Tibi and Tenenbaum having a chance to play:
“Every player wants to prove that they can play and all three are wonderful players. We have complete trust in them and it’s great to play with them. Eitan Tibi and I have played together for many years and I enjoy playing with him.”

Continuing to play well:
“It’s true we had few matches in which we could have played better but we always want to push ourselves and we have goals that we want to reach. We are playing well and we want to continue that way in all of the competitions.

Being professionals:
“We know that every training session is important and we put in time doing other things including the workout room or with our nutrition. We want to be professionals all the way until the end of the season and win it all.”