One of the goals of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Avi Cohen Youth Academy is to help the young players improve and advance to the first team. Behind the scenes are many coaches, assistants and staff that are there to provide the next education along the way. One of those people is Ron Partok, the Under-9 South Coach who tells us about his time to date in the world of football and the work he does at the Youth Academy.

Ron Partok (24) – Under-9 South
Ron Partok began at the Maccabi Tel Aviv Youth Academy last season and was an Assistant Coach for a variety of teams. Currently he’s the Head Coach for the Under-9 south squad.

“I began to coach due to my love for sports and football and I’m very interested in the tactical and mental side of the game. My start in the area was a bit different than others because I wasn’t an active player at a youth department but I’m continuing to improve, develop and learn thanks to the Academy staff. My goal of to help the players to develop both on a personal and professional level.”

Arrival at Maccabi
“A few months ago I receive pd the chance to coach the Under-9 tea at the Maccabi Youth Academy and it’s a very challenging position. I’m able to implement the Academy philosophy while helping the players learn the Maccabi mentality.”

Connection to Maccabi
“As a Maccabi fan I’m very proud to wear the training uniform. It’s a great feeling and in that gives me motivation to keep working hard in order to reach both personal and team goals.”

Continuing education
“I am finishing a training course about athletes mentality. It’s a course that has given me a lot personally and one that will help advance my career.”