After scoring twice in the opening three rounds of the TASE Premier League, Dor Micha and his teammates will line up on Saturday for a much-anticipated clash with Maccabi Haifa at Bloomfield Stadium at 20:30. The midfielder spoke about his feelings ahead of the clash.

“Clearly, for us to score our first goal at the new Bloomfield Stadium will be very special and exciting but regardless, we must improve our sharpness in the top third of the pitch. It’s something we are still missing but I’m sure we will make it happen.”

Haifa feel that they are favourites in this clash, what do you think? “Once we are on the field of play, it is irrelevant. As far as I’m concerned, they can be considered favourites but we are aware of the importance of this game and we will be fully prepared for the occasion. It’s no secret that we still have to improve our ability and even though we have won two of our three league matches, we still need to improve and in this encounter we will really want to show that we are getting better.”

Micha declined to discuss how Maccabi see Haifa’s weaknesses but said the side had been preparing and unlike last season, when the play flowed freely and they were all-dominant, Saturday’s clash felt as if it would have all the hallmarks of a proper tussle between two clubs with title ambitions.

“This year it feels as if we will be playing in a big encounter as we have done over the years. It’s always great to be a part of such an occasion and I just hope we are able to win all three points,” he said.

Micha said that after the poor start to the season and the disappointment of not qualifying for European play, the team is now more evenly balanced in defence and it has shown this through tightening up and not conceding goals.

“Our opponents have not been able to create many chances against us, so now, if we manage to sharpen our attack, we will be much better and will approach the level we expect to reach.”

A more even level of play in both halves, where until now there have been marked differences, will also be an important aim and Saturday’s clash will be the time and place to show that improvement, he said.