Maccabi Tel Aviv midfielder Dan Glazer told reporters at the pre-Derby news conference on Tuesday that the significance of the clash against Hapoel Tel Aviv at Bloomfield was something he had been aware of since he joined the club at age six.

“I have been at Maccabi since age six so I know the importance of this game but at the end of the day it’s another league match and three points are on the line, we will do our best to take them,” he said.

“Hapoel Tee l Aviv are tough opponents, they are well organised at the back so we will have to work very hard. In most of our matches we have had to break down tough defences and this will be no different. We will need to find a way to break Hapoel down too.”

Glazer added that regardless, “A Derby is very special for us, as it is for any fan, it’s always a tough match regardless of Hapoel’s position in the standings.”

He said Maccabi would just have to “play our normal game, be aggressive and show that we want this victory more than our opponents.”

He was confident about the outcome.

“I know we can do it, we have been well prepared, we have worked a lot on tactics and each player knows what he needs to do, there is no element of luck here.”