Our beloved Gal,

You were taken from us at the age of 23 as all you did was to go to a party with your closest mates.

You were a charming and loved child who grew-up to be a man amongst men; charismatic, smiling, kind and generous with a heart of gold. You used to light-up the room when you entered as your presence was impossible to be ignored. You were a man who magnetized everyone who came by you, gathered and kept your friends along the way. Boyhood friends, fellow mates from your military service, from football and work.

You had a seven-year-long relationship with the charming, Coral, as you moved in with each other at the unit you loved and cultivated so nicely. You raised the cute dog Kika that you brought together, as we all waited for your marriage proposal.

You completed your military service as a Golanchik and soldier in the 51st Battalion of the Golani brigade. You finished your big trip around the world, as we all thought that the dangers were over, and we could all relax. But then you decided to go to that damned party.

You had so many plans and we have no doubt that you would have achieve them all. You worked at Harel Insurance and as usual you magnetized everyone to you there as well. You enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in insurance as your professional path was undoubtedly in that field.

Maccabi Tel Aviv was your first and biggest love with your father Yaniv and uncle Hanan introducing you almost at berth. It was your pastime with dad, a father and son time. You both had a season ticket for Gate 13, while in your childhood you spent many a year at Gate 11 with your childhood mate Gal Shahak. We would drive you to Bloomfield Netanya and even Kiryat Shalom to prepare banners for matches, until you received your driving license and began traveling with dad or by yourself. We laughed so much when you were caught on camera amongst the fans during matches. There is no family event where the microphone wasn’t in your possession as it always came to Maccabi’s songs.

Our loved one, we honor your memory in so many ways but all we want is to have you here with us as we miss you so much. We all miss you so much.

Rest in peace in our life and soul, thank you for 23 years of love and happiness.

We will remember you forever ❤️