In honour of International Holocaust Remebrance Day, Maccabi Tel Aviv's players, coaching staff and club employees all took time off from their daily routines to visit the memorial site

On Sunday the world will commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day and yesterday Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club continued their own tradition of marking this day of remembrance. Last season the players attended a lecture on the subject and then went off to help renovate the home of Holocaust survivor Avraham Avraham, whose welfare Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club have chosen to look after. This year the Club chose to mark the day with a visit by all the players, the professional staff and all the club's other employees to recently renovated Yad V'shem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Foreign players and coaching staff were accompanied throughout by English and Spanish speaking guides while the native Israeli players listened to Hebrew narration on headphones they wore during the visit. At the end of the visit players read out the names of football players that lost their lives in the Holocaust and the owner's representative here in Israel, Jack Angelides, laid a wreath together with team captain Sheran Yeini