All you need to know about the tie between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Beer Sheva in a 60 second video clip

Maccabi Tel Aviv's fixtures with Hapoel Beer Sheva have always been among the most prestigous of the top flight in Israel. Over the years these meetings have produced some of the most exciting and significant matches ever and tonight's encounter represents a milestone in their match history. In this video clip you'll learn exactly when the official countdown started, how many times each club has won and who is the top scorer in the MTA-Hapoel Beer Sheva legacy. For the Yellows, the 90's were the most successful decade, filled with moments every Maccabi fan will want to remember. And it's been exactly a year since the last time the Yellows faced the Reds at Bloomfield, and in these 60 seconds you'll get all the details on that match too. Watch the full video here.