Eight days of Hanukah, eight products, eight special offers.  Every day Maccabi fans will enjoy an additional discount on the product of the day

As every year, the traditional Jewish holiday celebrating the victory of the Maccabeans brings with it a whole festival of special offers and discounts at the official Maccabi Tel Aviv shop.  This year too, in the spirit of the holiday, Maccabi Tel Aviv are offering their fans the opportunity to equip themselves with various team support accessories, household items, automotive products and apparel.  This year the special holiday offer is unique – with the passing of each of the eight days of the holiday, fans will enjoy an ever growing discount on a selected item from the shop. Specifically, they will get a 10% discount on one of the products on the first day, a 20% discount on a selected product on the second day and so on, until the eighth day, when one of the products at the shop will be sold at an 80% discount!

For example: The 10% discount on the first day will be given for the team's official match jersey!

No doubt you'd like to know which product will get the 60% discount, or even the 80% one?  Well, just follow our postings on the official Maccabi Tel Aviv website and on the various social networks.

Shop hours during Hanukah:

Sunday to Thursday:   10am to 6pm

Friday:  10am to 3pm