Avi Rikan, when I was 10 years old:

Where did you live?
“In Maale Adumim, very close to Jerusalem, that’s where my parents raised me”

What did your friends call you?
“I didn’t have a nickname, but when I played in Switzerland for a few years they used to call me ‘Riki'”

What school did you go to?
“Dekel Vilnai in Maale Adumim”

What did you enjoy the most at school and what did you least enjoy?
“As a student I really enjoyed math as history. I never really got into geography.”

What club did you play for?
“Beitar Jerusalem”

What player did you adore?
“There wasn’t a player that I really liked or one that I considered to be a role model”

Who was your best friend?
“Ram. He grew up right next door to me and we did everything together from games, eating at each others homes and we’re still best friends to this day.”

What team did you root for outside of Israel?
“Real Madrid”

What did you do with your allowance money?
“I bought pizza and drank slurpees”

What other sports did you enjoy?
“I really liked to play volleyball but as I got older my height didn’t exactly help matters out”

What was your favorite TV show?
“Ninja Turtles was my favorite show and I remember all of the characters including Master Splinter. You can’t forget that.”