Goalkeeper: Pepe Reina
I played with Reina for 3 seasons at Liverpool. I played with some unbelievable keepers, but Reina was the best in the business with his feet. In addition, his one-on-one abilities were at the highest of levels and he of course was one of the funniest guys in the dressing room.

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Defenders: Jamie Carragher & John Terry
These were the type of people who leave their heart and soul on the pitch. It doesn’t matter if they were hurt or not, from the first minute to the last, they played all out; every club needs players like them. It was very hard to get past them on a one-on-one situation and they made the strikers suffer.

Midfielder: Steven Gerrard
I believe that he’s the complete midfielder both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. On one hand, he was able to make a great move and on the other he was able to save a goal on the line and on the opposite side of the pitch launch a 90th minute scorcher into the goal. Thankfully, I was able to play with him at Liverpool during his peak. He was also a role model, a terrific but quiet person who helped everyone in need. I always knew I could count on him.

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Striker: Fernando Torres
We arrived at Liverpool together in 2007 and we also became best friends even until this day. During this period of time, on the pitch he was the best striker in the world. You just knew that if you turned and gave him the ball and it didn’t matter where, he would score a goal. He was great at sprinting from one place to another and he knew how to finish so well. He’s also a very positive person and when this type of individual succeeds it makes everything even better.

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