Goalkeeper: Peter Schmeichel
“He was a massive keeper for one of the biggest clubs, Manchester United. I remember their Treble season and he was a huge part of it. Schmeichel was also a physically imposing keeper and was able to get to almost every ball. He was able to “win” many matches for United.”

Defender: Rio Ferdinand
“I was able to see him “live” and in my opinion he was an amazing central defender. At his peak he was so quick and strong along with having great technique. I believe that the combination of all of those skills made him into a fantastic player.”

Defensive midfielder: Patrick Vieira
“He is one of the players I remember the most from my youth. He was physically excellent, strong, fast and he played for the legendary Arsenal team that won the Double and ended the season without a loss which in England is something very special and very difficult to achieve.”

Photo: Arsenal.com ()

Attacking midfielder: Leo Messi
“I have to put Messi on this list. He has to be on my team even though this is not always his position. In my opinion, he is the greatest player in history and he has so many amazing qualities. He was part of the great Barcelona teams and won everything with them. There’s no question that I would pick him.”

Striker: Thierry Henry/Ronaldo (Brazil)
“This was tough so I’m going to pick two strikers. They are both my gods. I was happy to meet both of them and that was an experience in itself. In fact, I was able to talk to Henry for quite some time and it was great to learn from somebody like him. They were both fantastic players and they dominated football when they were at the top of their game. They are very similar players and they had all of the qualities that are required of a striker. Ronaldo was able to accomplish so much at a young age. He was able to dribble so well but in Henry’s case it was his speed and quickness. He was just so fast and strong for the defenses that he faced.”

Photo: Arsenal.com ()