The 2017/18 season is underway for the Maccabi Tel Aviv Youth Department. There are 12 new players between the ages of 14 and 17 who have joined the club and are looking to advance and improve both as individuals and as part of their respective teams. The club would also like to wish them the best of luck for the season ahead.

The new players will receive all of the necessary tools to succeed through the various departments of the Academy including Sports Science, Medical and Physiological just like all of the other players. Topics such as education, nutrition and lifestyle will also be part of the youth department’s focus.

New Players who have joined the Youth Department include:

Under-14 North 2004
Daniel Matbayev

Under-14 South 2004
Ido Nataf
Gal Grodsky

Under-15 North 2003
Eitan Matzliach
Roie Shirion

Under-15 South 2003
Yonatan Ofer
Elad Kaplan
Maor Hen
Omer Kabilyo

Under-16 2002
Netanel Matbayev
Rotem Itzkar

Under-17 2001
Ive Ben Ami

The Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Youth Academy is dedicated to football development which includes a strong commitment and a fighting spirit by all the players. The main goal of the youth department is to develop as many talented players as possible and to help turn them into professional footballers. It is also important to the club that the players excel in their studies and become upstanding citizens with solid values.