The Camera’s Lens Day 3

The Maccabi Tel Aviv Performance Director, Patrick van Leeuwen looked back at the Academy’s First International Youth Tournament and summed up its success:

“Good organization is only half of the job and that is what we, the MTA Academy have done leaving us all with a very good feeling after three days of tournament football!”

Tournament winners:
“To the above we have to acknowledge the achievement of our U19 team who were the winners of our first International Youth Tournament.”

More about the young Yellow & Blue:
“The Maccabi “Shachar” Under-19 side grew match by match and delivered a stable performance. When you perform well as a team, then success will come your way.”

Performance on and off of the field of play:
“Personally, I enjoyed the performance of all of the teams and everybody showed their qualities during the tournament both on and off the field.”

A big thank you:
“Thank you all, from the employees of the Academy that organized the tournament to the teams and coaching staffs that came and believed in our organization.”

Final wishes:
“Good luck and enjoy the start or continuation of your league!”

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The Camera’s Lens Day 2

Patrick van Leeuwen looked back at day 2 of the MTA Youth Tournament at Kiryat Shalom:

“It was a great and beautiful day for the tournament as the weather and field conditions were perfect for all of the teams.”

Fans in Israel and abroad:
“The spectators that attended the Tournament enjoyed good performances by the teams. The matches were also broadcasted through via the club’s YouTube channel which is a great service for fans from other cities and for the followers of Bayer Leverkusen and Red Star Paris in Germany and France respectively.”

Professionalism of the sides”
“The professionalism of all the teams was visible on and off the field which resulted in a great second day of the tournament.”

Final thoughts:
“Tomorrow, all of the teams will play another two matches, which will bring the total to 5 matches for each team in three days. I would like to wish everyone a successful third and final day of the tournament.

Following Friday’s matches, Performance Director Patrick van Leeuwen spoke about the first day of the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Under-19 International Tournament:

“The first day of our International U19 tournament has come to an end and we have seen some good matches from the participating teams although the weather gave us some problems and we had to make some changes in the program”

The camera’s lens: Day 1 of the International U-19 Tournament

Good atmosphere:
“All in all everything worked out well and our Academy employees created a good atmosphere for youth football development.”

Plenty of football to come:
“Over the next couple of days, we will be able to see more matches being played by all of the teams. The matches will give everyone plenty of football to talk about from the coaches and players to our spectators as well.

About the upcoming matches:
Tomorrow, Saturday, the matches begin at 11:00 and we hope to see you at our training ground Kiryat Shalom to enjoy youth football.”