72 hours have gone by since the 1995/96 Double Season Retro Kit was unveiled and the excitement is still in the air. Now’s it’s time to look back at how the whole idea came about a number of months ago at the Club’s office.

How did the magical night end? WATCH

The idea to launch a Retro shirt was already in the air for a while and in order to make the decision the club held a number of focus groups back in October of 2016 where we learnt how much the idea meant to you, the fans.

We then posted a fan survey in March 2017 about next season’s kit where we also alluded to the Retro idea. For the final “Stamp of Approval” we held another survey a couple of weeks ago asking which kit was your most favorite and from the thousands of responses we knew that or decision without a doubt was the correct one.

And it didn’t end there >