The Maccabi Tel Aviv Youth Academy continues to take steps to develop the club’s Girls Academy. Recently, The Israel National Team captain and ASA Tel Aviv player Shai Sade joined the professional staff in order to take the project to the next level. Sade spoke about the program and goals ahead.

Sade was introduced to the world of football at the age of 6 when she joined the Hod Hasharon girls team. From there, Sade moved to league play and by the age of 14 she had already won 6 championships and State Cups and was named the Player of the Season twice. Today, Sade plies her trade for ASA Tel Aviv and is the captain of the Israel National Team making 44 appearances for the Blue & White.

Importance of developing the girls project:
“The importance of the project is first of all one that is social. Girls football must be accessible and open just like it is for boys. Personally, the project marks a new era in the football world after years of playing in the women’s football which doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It’s exciting that a big club like Maccabi Tel Aviv wants to work on this matter and correct the current situation. I believe that this is a very important step.”

Development of girls football in Israel compared to the rest of the world:
“We aren’t close to where the rest of the world is and I think that is due to people’s beliefs. We must change how they think and show that football is a game for everyone and not the opposite. Slowly but surely the bigger clubs in the country will follow in Maccabi’s footsteps and will make football for girls more accessible.”

Goals of the project:
“First and foremost to be able to allow girls who want to play football the ability to do so. The project would give the girls the same professional levels that it does for boys and continue to develop teams in the academy that can play at the highest levels. I feel that I am playing a very important role with the desire to correct the current situation. In addition, it’s great that a club like Maccabi Tel Aviv is investing in an important project like this.”