Sheran Yeini, the Maccabi Tel Aviv captain spoke ahead of the Champions Cup match against Bnei Yehuda on Saturday night at the Moshava Stadium and began discussing the friendlies that were played at training camp:

“I learnt that you can’t say much about matches we played at training camp as we worked hard training, fitness and other things. The coaching staff works with us on tactics and other new thoughts. I’m not so concerned about the results. I’m sure we will be fine.”

Concerning the timing of the Champions Cup:
“Maccabi is a team that is playing in the Champions League qualifiers and that is important for Israel. We would have liked more time to prepare for the game but Bnei Yehuda also opens in Europe in a few weeks and the match wasn’t moved.

Preference on having to play Cluj over Astana:
“I didn’t really care who we would face either Cluj or Astana as we have to prepare either way for whoever it was going to be.”

About the players who have left:
“Every team has changes. Some players leave and some arrive, that’s the nature of a football club. All of my teammates make their own decisions and that’s fine.”

The Champions Cup:
“We have a lot of respect for Bnei Yehuda and they have played us tough this past season. We will play our best with the goal to win the game.”