The playing and coaching staff took a break this morning from their preparations for the Conference League 3rd qualifying round first leg against Spartak Trnava and arrived at Bloomfield, this time to open the club’s new flagship store at the Yellows’ home stadium.

after team captain Sheran Yeini joined club CEO Sharon Tammam, and Merchandise Manager Tal Mualem in cutting the ribbon, Eyal Golasa fixed the mezuzah and the players enjoyed checking out the new Megastore.

“The feeling is great to see how this club keeps growing over the years”, Matan Hozez admitted. “As a kid who grew up here, I don’t remember we had a shop and now we have three stores, which gives us a great feeling. The shirt I loved most was the Yellow one”.

On the his expectations for the forthcoming season, Hozez said: “I am feeling good and feel that we are gradually making progress. There is still room for improvement but overall we are improving”. On his second half miss against Sutjeska, Hozez revealed: “It took me three days to recover from that miss, but bigger player than me missed before and this is just part of the game. As someone who lives this game 24/7 outside the pitch as well, I can tell you that I took it really hard but I believe that I will score in the future”.

The 24-year-old home grown winger, spoke about the battle for a place in Maccabi’s squad and starting line-up: “Every season there is a battle for places here, one can never know who will get the credit because someone could always surprise. We never fear whether this player or the other joins us or not, because there is competition for places now just like in every year”.

On the defeat in the Super Cup to Maccabi Haifa he added: “The match against Maccabi Haifa was one match, but throughout an entire season we are expecting a marathon and one can’t determine who will challenge for the title and who will win it. Just like in every season, I promise you that we will be up there. Our targets throughout the  season will be to challenge for titles as I am certain we will do that this year”.

Merchandise Manager, Tal Mualem, was delighted with the opening of the new store: “It is a supreme feeling and over the past week I have been telling everyone that: ‘When I joined Maccabi Tel Aviv 10 years ago, my opening conversation with jack Angelides was about Maccabi will have a new stadium which will feature a store’. This dream has come true a decade later both in personal and in the club’s terms. You can clearly see that a lot of thought and efforts were put into this store as well as the desire to look like many big clubs across the world. I really hope that the fans will enjoy what we have to offer”.