Cruyff & Vidar prior to the 2nd leg vs Reykjavik
Maccabi Tel Aviv 1:0 Helsinki – 2004/05
Cruyff & Schoenfeld following the victory over Reykjavik
Goals in pictures against Reykjavik
Highlights: Maccabi Tel Aviv 3:1 Reykjavik
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Kjartansson prior to the match against KR
Aaron Schoenfeld following the Tirana match
Atzily vs Azulay Part 2
Itzhaki & Rikan after advancing to the second round
Shlomi Azulay prior to the 2nd leg in Tirana
Press Conference prior to second leg in Tirana
Win over Tirana from another angle
Atzily vs Azulay
Yoav Ziv’s greatest moments
First Goals in Maccabi Debut
Yonatan Cohen following the Tirana win
Highlights: Maccabi 2:0 Tirana
Live from the Stadium: Win over Tirana
Atzily following the 2:0 victory over Tirana
Cruyff following the 2:0 victory over Tirana